Car Battery Chargers

Pro-Charge Battery Chargers

Batteries come in many sizes to suit a wide range of applications. This means there are different car battery chargers to suit different types of automotive batteries. Although all Projecta car battery chargers will work on most batteries, some are more suited to specific applications.
3 and 4 Stage Car Battery Chargers
3 and 4 stage chargers delivering more power in a shrter peroid of time. The fourth stage is specifically designed for calcium batteries. View
6 Stage Car Battery Chargers
Pro-Charge is a range of sophisticated and easy to use battery chargers ideal for the home professional and suitable for a wide range of 12V lead acid batteries and battery sizes. View
7 Stage Car Battery Chargers
The 7 stage process provides sophisticated charging and maintenance giving your battery longer life and increased run time and performance. View
3 Stage Car Battery Charger 7 Stage Car Battery Charger
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Car Battery Chargers
6 Stage Car Battery Chargers