Aerpro Battery Chargers

Aerpro Battery Charger

Aerpro APS1220 is a 12-volt DC 20 AMP 3-stage battery charger and power supply that features a switch mode design. Clad in a robust and rust-free chassis, APS1220 comes with protective mechanisms against over temperature, overload, short circuit and power surge. It also has an isolated power transformer in place for safety at all times.

  • 12-volt DC 20 AMP 3-stage battery charger/power supply
  • Comes with a switch mode design
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant chassis
  • Equipped with over temperature and overload protection
  • Short circuit and surge protection capable
  • Isolated power transformer for safety
  • Fixed voltage mode when used as a power supply
  • Recommended for Lead acid battery types including AGM, GEL+ and WET

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