Battery Chargers

Battery Chargers

Automotive Battery Chargers

Automotive Battery Chargers in 6V, 12V and 24V and in a range of amperages available online, supplied worldwide and delivered to your door.

Aerpro Car Battery Chargers

Super compact vehicle jump starter packed in a convenient protective carry case, the Aerpro jump starter packs will ensure you never get caught out with a flat battery again!

Bosch Car Battery Chargers

Bosch’s new C3 & C7 battery chargers are smart, safe and simple to use. Whether you have a classic car, modern vehicle, motorcycle, truck, boat, caravan or personal watercraft Bosch has the ideal battery charger to suit your needs. With a one-button operation, built in pulse and trickle charge function makes the Bosch C3 & C7 battery charger smart, safe and simple to use.

Projecta Battery Chargers

Offering world class 7 stage technology and multi-chemistry charging, Intelli-Charge maximises battery performance and life. Intelligent electronics monitor the charging process delivering an advanced 7 stage charge to the battery. This process coupled with a chemistry specific charge process tailored to precisely match the battery type guarantees the optimum charge. Available from 7 up to 50 Amps and boasting power supply mode, recondition and adjustable output, the Intelli-Charge range is the world’s most advanced range of battery chargers.

Matson Car Battery Chargers

The Matson autoExact IP65 of charges by MATSON is water and dust resistant, ideal for boating and the great outdoors. With the latest charging algorithm technology, autoExact brings to the market affordability, simplicity and an environmental commitment to extend battery life.

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